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CandyDeChocolate's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Thank you for passing by!!!

Hello!! My name is Dulce!! I'm 19 years old and I'm from Jalisco, Mexico but I'm currently living in California, United States. I study Media Studies at University of California, Berkeley. Go Bears!
I love to draw!!! Ever since I was small I had a natural passion for drawing and almost everything that has to do with art. I'm kind of crazy but Im nice :) ... at least that what I believe :P
I really love when people try to figure out what my drawings mean or why did I draw what I drew ;P it's really interesting to hear their theories :)
    I am Dulce.
    Not kidding, that is my name.
    It might not be reflected on my personality, but it can be reflected on what I eat. Pretty much give me anything that's sweet--and that is not hard candy mint flavor or dried ginger--and I will eat it. From fruits, pastries, candies, and ice-creams: if they have sugar, they are edible.
    Because of my name sometimes I am tempted to introduce myself by singing "El ritmo que traigo es azucar. Azucar pa ti!" (Kumbia Kings "Azuquitar"), but living in a predominantly English-speaking space, the chances that they will get my joke are pretty low.
    Not being able to present myself as I want because of language barrier, makes me think about the difference between Dulce speaking Spanish and Dulce speaking English. Both are different people.
    In Spanish I think faster. I am a better leader and allow myself to have longer conversations: I'm not afraid to talk. In Spanish, I feel at home and I am in a comfortable atmosphere.
    In English, sometimes it takes so long to remember a word or to form a sentence that by the time I arrange my thoughts... my time to talk has passed.
     But Dulce is Dulce. You might think of Dolce and Gabanna, the traditional dulce de leche, or just some foreign thing that happens to translate as "sweet" or "candy."
    For these reasons, I feel that "Candy de Xocolate" is a proper name for my blog.
Candy is not only a translation of my name, but a reason of my name. My mom loves this "cartoon" (anime) call Candy Candy. It is pretty old. It was showed in Canal 5 back in Mexico. She liked the anime so much that she named me Dulce, translation of Candy because she did not wanted to sound to "Americanized." I thank her so much for not naming me Candy! Thanks to my mother's love for that "cartoon" I was introduced to anime. I LOVE anime with a passion--yeap, I am an Otaku.
    Sometimes, when people ask me for my name, they ask me what kind of dulce am I. "Are you dulce de leche, fresa...?" I like to say that I am chocolate.
    Chocolate is such an awesome thing.
    Chocolate begins as cacao, a bitter food, not appealing. You have to work with it through various processeses in order to make it into those delicious chocolate bars. That is how I feel life is like. You sometimes have horrible challenges, but you have to work with them, be patient and dedicate yourself to solve the problem and then, at the end, you can get awesome results!
   Chocolate is not only gives us a life lesson. It has a history of coming and being used by our Mexican ancestors. Chocolate is so present in Mexican culture that it was call el manjar de los Dioses!
  Chocolate breaks some language barriers. If you read the word in English, Spanish, or Japanese, we all know what you are talking about. You might pronounce it chocolate, choklet, or chokolato... they all mean **chocolate**!
   Plus, chocolate is brown, like me! I could have said that I am a dulce de leche, but I do not have fair skin... I am not pinkesh to be dulce de leche... I could have said I am dulce de caramelo... and I did thought like that.. but I couldn't find caramel as symbolically rich as chocolate. And yeah, that's why I am a dulce de chocolate.
  Oh, why the "X"? Because among Xicanos, the "X" is so central to our identification with our indigenous roots. For instance, Jalisco was not "Jalisco," before it was called "Xalisco"--that is the original name until people decided that "J" was better... and thus, forgot about the indigenous root of a name--what a shame, names are so sacred as to be changed like that. I also like to identify with indigenous identity because, when living back in Mexico, I used to work in the fields and I had the honor to work with many indigenous people. Until now, I have never met anyone who knows such wise and interesting ideas as my community back in Mexico did. I still sometimes wonder how they knew so many things!
    Now, you might be thinking, "well, you said this was a self description, not a biography," but I just thought this needed to be done in order to describe myself. I am someone who likes to conversate a lot. I tend to like to entertain people. I am proud of my roots. I am an Otaku, a slight obsession with Asian culture, especially Japan and South and North Korea. I am an artist. I am a singer. I am Mexican, Chicana, Latina, Tapatia. I am passionate about social change. I am a citizen of the world.


The Immigrant's Cross by CandyDeChocolate
The Immigrant's Cross

Inmigrante, quisiera ver por las ventanas de tus pupilas. Qué a visto tu mirada que no e visto yo? Porqué han llorado tus ojos por lo que no habré de llorar yo?
Y camino por las calles; tan calladas nuestras bocas, tan abiertas las mentes, tantas historias en los pies…

Immigrant, I wish I knew what you have seen through your pupils. What has your sight seen that I have not seen? Why have your eyes cried for that I will not cry about?
And I walk through the streets; our mouth so quiet, our minds so open, so many stories on our feet…

Conveying Messages Through Silent Images

How can I make you see through my art what I have seen with my eyes? How can my pencil make you feel what I have felt? How can I show you the green of the trees, the yellow of the sun, the blue of sky, the red of the blood, the white of the dead, the dark of the fear, the colors of my soul? How can I make you see that what you are looking at is my naked soul, that I open my heart with every line, every curve, every detail that you analyze? How can you see this as more than a pretty picture, more than a pair of doodles, more than a scary drawing, more than a piece that is not of your taste? How can I make you understand how small you are and how big is your power? How can my drawings make of you a better being than you currently are? How can I truly open all of your senses, all of your mind? But what if I am doing something wrong? What if the communication line is not working and you will not get it?

Cómo hacerte ver con mi arte lo que e visto con mis ojos? Cómo puede mi lápiz hacerte sentir lo que e sentido? Cómo puedo mostrarte lo verde de los árboles, lo amarillo del sol, lo azul del cielo, lo rojo de la sangre, lo blanco de la muerte, lo oscuro del miedo, los colores de mi alma? Cómo puedo hacerte ver más de una linda pintura, más de un par de garabatos, más de un dibujo grotesco, más de una pieza que no es de tu gusto? Cómo hacerte ver que lo que miras es mi alma desnuda, que se abre mi corazón con cada línea, con cada curva, con cada detalle que analizas? Cómo puedo hacerte entender lo pequeño que eres y tu gran poder? Cómo puede mi dibujo hacer de tí un mejor ser? Cómo puedo hacer que se abran en realidad todos tus sentidos, toda tu mente? Que si estoy haciendo algo mal? Que si la línea de comunicación no trabaja y no me entienden?

A veces me da ganas de tener una gran pared y tirar pintura; alomejor así entienden las fuertes emociones en mi mensaje...
Sometimes I feel like having a big wall and use big containers and throw paint, maybe like this people will understand the strong emotions in my message...

You are my drug by CandyDeChocolate
You are my drug

Your love is so addictive.
They are poisonous, little pills
you supply me in small doses
knowing I want to drink the whole bottle.
Me, a beggar of your love that makes a fool of herself
only to get in exchange small alms of false bills--
and that is enough to make me happy.
Look how you play with me,
just as a little kid is perplexed with a toy--
you place your heart near me and then snatch it away.

Tu amor es tan adictivo.
Son pequeñas pastillas de veneno
que me das a tomar en pequeñas dosis
sabiendo que me quiero tomar todo el bote.
Yo, pordiosera de tu amor que se humilla
solo a cambio de pequeñas limosnas en billetes falsos--
y eso es lo suficiente para hacerme feliz.
Mira como me cucas,
así como se hace desatinar a un niño con un juguete--
acercas tu corazón y me lo arrebatas.

Tijuana by CandyDeChocolate

T.J. is to me a
limbo y purgatorio for immigrants.
A city of historias
made out of lágrimas
and with the makeup of sonrisas.
Eres mi niñera, 
mi tía cercana, 
the closest to a mom.
Though you are not mine,
tu rebozo smells like casa.
every day,
abandonada por tus hijos,
and yet,
los acovijas a su regreso;
them and the neighbor's children.
Eres las casitas on top of deseos.
Eres la grandeza de los sueños.
Eres soledad.
Eres alegría.
Eres el consuelo a mi añoranza y melancolía.
Eres una vena que conduce a mi corazón.


the place of nowhere and the purgatory of immigrants.
A city of stories
made out of a sea of tears
and with the makeup of an smiles.
You are my babysitter,
my close aunt,
the nearest to mom.
Though you are not mine,
your shawl smells like home.
every day,
you are abandoned by your children
and yet,
you welcome them in their return;
them and the neighbor's kids.
You are the houses on top goals.
The greatness of dreams.
You are sorrow.
You are happiness .
You are the consolation to my nostalgia and melancholy.
You are a vein that runs towards my heart.

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Since I wouldn't have been able to do some birthday muro drawings, I got two extra drawing copies, so...
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